How to Edit Legend Text/ Name In Excel Chart?

1.To edit the name of legend text in chart first we need to click on the chart . Then click on the new tab chart design which will appear once your click on the chart in the ribbon area.

Select Chart –> Chart Design

2. Then click on the select data on the top right side.

3. New window opens. Click on the first legend , then enter the name which you want to give on the legend.

4.Like here we want to change ‘car sales comparison 2022 ‘ to ‘2022’.

5. As soon as you give name you can see the legend name is changed from ‘Car Comparison 2022’ to ‘2022’.

6. Just like above will do same steps for the next legend text.

select chart –> chart design –> select data –> click on second legend –> change from ‘Car Sales Comparison 2021’ to ‘2021’.

7.Click OK. Legends name changed.


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